Fallout Fan Museum
- Vault 74 -

Welcome to the website of the Fallout  Fan Museum, the only Fallout fan museum in the Benelux. (NL, BE, LU)

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What is Fallout?

Fallout is a Video-game franchise owned by Bethesda Softworks. The Video-game franchise started in 1997 with the first Fallout game. The game is a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game. Do you want to know more about Fallout? Click the button below!

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Who is Vault Overseer Alexander?

Who is the Vault overseer of Vault 74? Well, that'll be Alexander. Alexander started the Fallout museum in early 2021. Why did he start a museum? why did he have so much fallout merchandise? Why does he like fallout? So many questions.. A lot of those questions are answered on the sub-page ''Vault Overseer Alexander''. You should go and check it out! Click the button below. 

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A fan-made video for
the Fallout Museum!


In September, a friend of Alexander made a promotional video for his museum on Social platform Tiktok. He really liked the video, and thought it deserved a spot on the website, so here it is! This video is made by THISISNUKA on tiktok. Definitely check him out! He has amazing content.

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Do you really like fallout? Obviously you do otherwise you won't visit this website! My friend Grand Taylor has his own podcast about fallout, talking about literally everything in the fallout universe! He is on spotify, click on the logo above to go directly to the spotify!

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Vault Visitors! Did they like the visit?

Quite some people did already visit the Fallout Museum, and they really enjoyed their visit. Do you want to read about their experience? Make sure to click the button below! 

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Why should you visit the Fallout museum?!

You are probably wondering, why should i visit the museum? What makes this specific museum so special? Why should i travel all the way to the Netherlands for this? LET ME TELL YOU THAT!

- Free nuka cola (even quantum)

- Overseer Alexander will show you around in the museum.

- Fallout music playing in the background.

- Possibility to experience fallout in virtual reality.

- Over 600+ unique fallout items to see, touch, smell, and take pictures of! 

- Only €5,00 entry fee for each person.

- Little gift shop

- Fallout quiz in which you can win some stuff!

- One and onlt fallout museum in Europe.

Are you really hyped and do you want to book a tour? Click the button below!